Cavin Talbot

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MRI of hyperpolarised gases is usually performed with fast data acquisition to achieve high spatial resolutions despite rapid diffusion-induced signal attenuation. We describe a double-cross k-space sampling scheme suitable for Slow Low Angle SHot (SLASH) acquisition and yielding an increased SNR. It consists of a series of anisotropic partial acquisitions(More)
We present theory and simulations for a spectral narrowing scheme for laser diode arrays (LDAs) that employs optical feedback from a diffraction grating. We calculate the effect of the so-called smile of the LDA and show that it is possible to reduce the effect by using a cylindrical lens set at an angle to the beam. The scheme is implemented on a(More)
In the metastability exchange optical pumping cells of our on-site production unit and of our other experimental set-ups, we use a light absorption technique to measure the He nuclear polarisation. It involves weak probe beams at 1083 nm, that are either perpendicular or parallel to the magnetic field and cell axis, with suitable light polarisations. When(More)
Transport and dispersion of atmospheric sulphur dioxide from an industrial coastal area during a sea-breeze event C. Talbot, C. Leroy, P. Augustin, V. Willart, H. Delbarre, M. Fourmentin, and G. Khomenko Ecosystèmes Littoraux et Côtiers (CNRS FRE 2816), Université du Littoral – Côte d’Opale, 62930 Wimereux, France Laboratoire de Physico – Chimie de(More)
Experimental and modelling results of the dynamics of a sea-breeze event and its effects on the three-dimensional (3-D) redistribution of the gaseous SO 2 are presented within the framework of a particularly flat and industrialized coastal area of the North Sea. The measurements were carried out at ground level with the stations of the local 5 air quality(More)
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