Cavell Brownie

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The Jolly-Seber method has been the traditional approach to the estimation of demographic parameters in long-term capture-recapture studies of wildlife and fish species. This method involves restrictive assumptions about capture probabilities that can lead to biased estimates, especially of population size and recruitment. Pollock (1982, Journal of Wildlife(More)
Eighty lactating Holstein cows from 21 to 91 d in milk were fed a corn silage-based total mixed ration (TMR) formulated with the Met content limited (42 g/ d) to investigate the impact of supplementing rumen-protected (RP) forms of Met, betaine, and choline on performance and metabolism. One of 4 supplements was blended into the TMR to produce 4 dietary(More)
Five treatment diets varying in crude protein (CP) and rumen undegradable protein (RUP) were calculated to supply a postruminal lysine to methionine ratio of about 3:1. Diets were fed as a total mixed ration to 65 Holstein cows that were either primiparous (n = 28) or multiparous (n = 37) from 21 to 120 d in milk to determine effects on lactation and(More)
Males of the noctuid moths, Heliothis virescens and H. subflexa locate mates based on species-specific responses to female-emitted pheromones that are composed of distinct blends of volatile compounds. We conducted genetic crosses between these two species and used AFLP marker-based mapping of backcross families (H. subflexa direction) to determine which of(More)
New rank-based methods for analyzing data from multisite clinical trials are presented in the context of "mixed" linear models. In contrast to current rank methods, the new procedures test for a drug main effect in the presence of a random drug by site interaction (or drug by investigator interaction when there is only one investigator per site). Analogous(More)
Ecosystem-level impacts of two hurricane seasons were compared several years after the storms in the largest lagoonal estuary in the U.S., the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine System. A segmented linear regression flow model was developed to compare mass-water transport and nutrient loadings to a major artery, the Neuse River Estuary (NRE), and to estimate mean(More)
Mated female Heliothis virescens and H. subflexa were induced to produce sex pheromone during the photophase by injection of pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN). When injected with 1 pmol Hez-PBAN, the total amount of pheromone that could be extracted from glands of mated females during the photophase was similar to that extracted from(More)
The mate attraction signal of Heliothis subflexa (Hs) females consists of a multicomponent sex pheromone blend. In this study, we assessed the intraspecific importance of three groups of compounds found in Hs pheromone glands: three acetate esters (Z7-16:OAc, Z9-16:OAc, and Z11-16:OAc), two 14-carbon aldehydes (14:Ald and Z9-14:Ald), and one 16-carbon(More)
Twenty-four multiparous Holstein cows were randomly assigned at calving to treatment diets using a modified split-plot design to determine the effects of protein source on milk production and composition. The treatment diets consisted of an 80:20 combination of corn and alfalfa silages and whole cottonseed at 12% of the dietary dry matter (DM). The(More)