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Invasive species management restores a plant–pollinator mutualism in Hawaii
The management and removal of invasive species may give rise to unanticipated changes in plant-pollinator mutualisms because they can alter the composition and functioning of plant-pollinatorExpand
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Floral visitation by the Argentine ant reduces bee visitation and plant seed set.
Ants often visit flowers, but have only seldom been documented to provide effective pollination services. Floral visitation by ants can also compromise plant reproduction in situations where antsExpand
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Short- and long-term control of Vespula pensylvanica in Hawaii by fipronil baiting.
BACKGROUND The invasive western yellowjacket wasp, Vespula pensylvanica (Saussure), has significantly impacted the ecological integrity and human welfare of Hawaii. The goals of the present studyExpand
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Competitive impacts of an invasive nectar thief on plant-pollinator mutualisms.
Plant-pollinator mutualisms are disrupted by a variety of competitive interactions between introduced and native floral visitors. The invasive western yellowjacket wasp, Vespula pensylvanica, is anExpand
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Colony social structure in native and invasive populations of the social wasp Vespula pensylvanica
Social insects rank among the most invasive of terrestrial species. The success of invasive social insects stems, in part, from the flexibility derived from their social behaviors. We used geneticExpand
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Testing the effects of ant invasions on non-ant arthropods with high-resolution taxonomic data.
Invasions give rise to a wide range of ecological effects. Many invasions proceed without noticeable impacts on the resident biota, whereas others shift species composition and even alter ecosystemExpand
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Marine Debris Trends: 30 Years of Change on Ventura County and Channel Island Beaches
Abstract. The persistence of plastics in marine ecosystems and the physical hazards marine debris pose to wildlife have become issues of global concern. The Santa Barbara Channel is home to a numberExpand
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Restoring Ecological Function with Invasive Species Management
Mutually beneficial interactions between pollinators and flowering plants represent a critical but threatened component of ecosystem function that can underlie the success of ecological restoration.Expand
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