Cauligi Raghavendra

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BACKGROUND National Football League (NFL) players are exposed to multiple head collisions during their careers. Increasing awareness of the adverse long-term effects of repetitive head trauma has raised substantial concern among players, medical professionals, and the general public. OBJECTIVE To determine whether low perfusion in specific brain regions(More)
Massive datasets from scientific instruments and enterprises were the initial Big Data frontiers. But these are being subsumed by complex, high-velocity data from ubiquitous sensors and social network streams. Such datasets are characterized by both temporal attributes and lateral relationships between them forming a graph structure, and scalable data(More)
This paper demonstrates performance improvements for matrix multiplication and mesh generation for Finite Element Method (FEM) by optimizing the memory hierarchy of traditional processors. The theory developed earlier is used to perform such optimizations. Our work provides a uniform methodology across multiple HPC platforms for optimizing the performance(More)
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