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H ow has language developed in humans and what genetic changes underlie our unique cognitive abilities? Accounts of positive selection that lead to such abilities in humans fascinate us because of the insight they provide into our own evolution, and into the many genetic differences that distinguish us from other apes. The genes that became fi xed in our(More)
T oday, PLoS Biology publishes landmark metagenomics papers from the J. Craig Venter Institute's Global Ocean Sampling expedition [1–3]. These papers describe the initial analyses of several gigabasepairs' worth of sequence data from oceanic microbes collected during the Sorcerer II expedition, as the ship made her way down from Canada, through the Panama(More)
W elcome to PLoS Biology. We would like to introduce you to your journal, one that is run by and for the scientific community in the broadest sense: researchers, teachers, students, physicians, and the public. One could argue whether scientists need more journals, but we believe there is a global need for greater access to scientific and medical information(More)
P LoS Biology was launched in 2003 with the goal of creating an open-access alternative to the very best subscription journals—a home for great science, which would be made available immediately and freely to any interested reader. We've come a long way toward achieving this goal, and the support of the scientific community has been paramount in the(More)
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