Catriona Cruickshank

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Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma rangeli are human-infective blood parasites, largely restricted to Central and South America. They also infect a wide range of wild and domestic mammals and are transmitted by a numerous species of triatomine bugs. There are significant overlaps in the host and geographical ranges of both species. The two species consist of(More)
The global distribution of bat taxa indicates that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are effective barriers to movement between the Old and New Worlds. For instance, one of the major suborders, Yinpterochiroptera, has an exclusively Old World distribution, and within the other, Yangochiroptera, no species and only five genera are common to both. However, as(More)
Dispersed cell cultures of guinea-pig epidermis have been maintained for up to 36 days. The progress of these cultures has been studied by phase contrast microscopy, the adenosine triphosphatase reaction, and cinephotomicrography. Langerhans cells have been identified and their behaviour studied, particularly in relation to keratinocytes.