Catrienus de Jong

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RNA derived from enriched reticulocytes of Rh-phenotyped donors was isolated, reversely transcribed into cDNA and amplified with Rh-specific primers by polymerase chain reaction. Nucleotide sequence analysis of the entire coding region of the Rh cDNAs was carried out. Four types of cDNAs were identified, tentatively designated as RhSCI, RhSCII, RhSCIII and(More)
MicroVinification platforms are used for screening purposes to study aroma development in wine. These high-throughput methodologies require flavor analysis techniques that allow fast detection of a high number of aroma compounds which often appear in very low concentrations (μg/l). In this work, a selection of aroma extraction techniques in combination with(More)
Forest hydrology is a separate and unique branch of hydrology due to the special conditions caused by trees, and the understorey beneath them, comprising a forest. Understanding the forest, with trees that can grow over 100 m tall, may have crowns up to 20–30 m in diameter with roots 5–10 m deep and spread as widely as the crowns, and have lifespans from 50(More)