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The Colonial History of the 1905 Aliens Act
The passing of the Aliens Act of 1905 was a defining moment in British immigration law and history. This article investigates the influence of settler-colonial immigration restriction laws on theExpand
‘The victim of his own temerity'? Silence, scandal and the recall of sir john eardley‐Wilmot
Sir John Eardley-Wilmot was recalled from his position as the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land. He was officially dismissed because of his silences over the unspeakable crime or for notExpand
The 'Crime' of Precocious Sexuality: Young Male Convicts and the Politics of Separation
This article explores the cultural meanings of juvenile crime and the ways in which the 'delinquencies' of children from the lower orders were understood by ruling-class contemporaries. TheExpand
'This Relic of the Cities of the Plain': Penal Flogging, Convict Morality and the Colonial Imagination
The punishment of flogging has been a central theme in historical considerations of the convict past. In this article the punishment of flogging is analysed in terms of its symbolic, sexual, andExpand
Responses to alcohol-related problems in four western countries: Characterising and explaining cultural wetness and dryness.
There have been many variations on the theme of "wet" versus "dry" patterns of alcohol consumption. "Wet" and "dry" ideal types, primarily based on the extent to which alcohol customs are integratedExpand
The television series First Australians, broadcast on SBS television in 2008, documented the complex story of colonisation, each episode taking the story of one or more Indigenous individuals, livingExpand
I’m sure you’ve heard rumours that short stories are dead, that no one reads them so publishers don’t publish them. If they are true then it is a pity, since short stories are great for greedyExpand
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The extraordinary story of the European settlement of inland Australia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries focused initially on intrepid explorers and hardy settlers, in the daysExpand