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This paper examines the innovative history of a number of UK firms using two large databases, looking for evidence consistent with the view that firms that innovate typically do so persistently. The first sample contains 3304 firms which registered at least one patent in the US at any time in the period 1969-1988, while the second consists of 1624 firms(More)
I do not propose to enter into a long dissertation on the signs, symptoms and treatment of the enlarged prostate, but rather briefly to survey the advances in prostatectomy and the dangers and difficulties that beset the preliminary, the operative and the post-?perative treatment of what may sometimes be one the most difficult procedures in surgery to bring(More)
Methods of operative fixation of fractures have for some-years engrossed the minds of surgeons, particularly in the search for a perfect fixation material, that is to say, one absorbable and non irritant, causing neither delay nor excess in the formation of callus, but all materials so far utilised have failed in one or other respect. With the perfect(More)
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