Cathy McCann

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We propose and evaluate empirically the performance of a dynamic processor-scheduling policy for multiprogrammed shared-memory multiprocessors. The policy is dynamic in that it reallocates processors from one parallel job to another based on the currently realized parallelism of those jobs. The policy is suitable for implementation in production systems in(More)
When multiple jobs compete for processing resources on a parallel computer, the operating system kernel's processor allocation policy determines how many and which processors to allocate to each. In this paper we investigate the issues involved in constructing a processor allocation policy for large scale, message-passing parallel computers supporting a(More)
We consider the problem of multiprocessor scheduling of jobs whose memory requirements place lower bounds on the fraction of the machine required in order to execute. We address three primary questions in this work:1. How can a parallel machine be multiprogrammed with minimal overhead when jobs have minimum memory requirements?2. To what extent does the(More)
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