Cathy Liu

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  • Gregory B Lewis, Cathy Yang Liu, Jason T Edwards, Cathy Liu, Edwards Yang, Jason T
  • 2015
Public sector employment of immigrants can increase their economic assimilation and potentially improve their treatment by government. Yet, as we show using Census data from 1990, 2000, and 2009-11, immigrants are substantially under-represented in federal, state, and local governments. To understand why, we use logit analysis for federal and for state and(More)
The Pain and Interoception Imaging Network (PAIN) repository ( is a newly created NIH (NIDA/NCCAM) funded neuroimaging data repository that aims to accelerate scientific discovery regarding brain mechanisms in pain and to provide more rapid benefits to pain patients through the harmonization of efforts and data sharing. The PAIN(More)
—A 14.025 Gb/s multi-media transceiver employs on-die Rx AC coupling with baseline wander correction and equalizes up to 26 dB insertion loss at 14.025 Gb/s with a linear equalizer, 10-tap DFE, and 4-tap Tx FIR filter in SST driver. The proposed techniques enable direct feedback for 1st-tap ISI cancellation , and positions of four DFE taps to be adapted(More)
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