Cathy Le Moellic

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Aldosterone classically modulates Na transport in tight epithelia such as the renal collecting duct (CD) through the transcellular route, but it is not known whether the hormone could also affect paracellular permeability. Such permeability is controlled by tight junctions (TJ) that form a size- and charge-selective barrier. Among TJ proteins, claudin-4 has(More)
Long-term effects of arginine vasopressin (AVP) in the kidney involve the transcription of unidentified genes. By subtractive hybridization experiments performed on the RCCD(1) cortical collecting duct cell line, we identified calcyclin as an early AVP-induced gene (1 h). Calcyclin is a calcium-binding protein involved in the transduction of intracellular(More)
BACKGROUND The large conductance calcium-activated potassium channel alpha-subunit (Slo) is widely distributed throughout the body and plays an important role in a number of diseases. Prior work has shown that Slo, through its S10 region, interacts with β-catenin, a key component of the cytoskeleton framework and the Wnt signaling pathway. However, the(More)
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