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Chronic extracellular recordings were obtained from cells of the medial septum and diagonal band of Broca in rats performing a simple behavioural task. The cells were found to display a variety of bursting patterns phase-locked to hippocampal theta rhythm to a greater or lesser degree. Among phase-locked cells, no systematic distribution in preferential(More)
Geographical scope: With the exception of India and Pakistan, the range of the Lesser Flamingo is fully included within the AEWA geographic scope. This action plan covers the entire African, South Asian and SW Asian Lesser Flamingo breeding and non-breeding range. It requires implementation in the following 12 countries regularly supporting >1% of the(More)
One of the major challenges to rural communities in Alberta is to provide high quality education for their inhabitants. With the evolution of broadband networks, it is now possible to facilitate even more effective learning for distanced students. The Rural Advanced Community of Learners Project (RACOL) is developing a model of teaching and learning that(More)
SUMMARY Perceptual function in eight patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism (PHP) was studied with two neurophysiological measures, the average evoked response (AER) and nerve conduction velocity. A battery of psychophysical tasks including reaction time, size estimation, 'hidden pictures,' and the rod and frame procedure was also used. Patients with PHP(More)
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