Cathy J. Wilson

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PURPOSE In a previous study of treatment for advanced colorectal cancer, the LV5FU2 regimen, comprising leucovorin (LV) plus bolus and infusional fluorouracil (5FU) every 2 weeks, was superior to the standard North Central Cancer Treatment Group/Mayo Clinic 5-day bolus 5FU/LV regimen. This phase III study investigated the effect of combining oxaliplatin(More)
Friedreich Ataxia (FRDA) is the commonest inherited ataxia. Clinical trials of pharmaceuticals are increasingly being conducted in this condition. This requires the most accurate outcome measures to enable trials to be conducted with a minimum number of subjects in the shortest time frame and to minimize the risk of false negative results. Upper limb(More)
Nitrogen is a dominant regulator of vegetation dynamics, net primary production, and terrestrial carbon cycles; however, most ecosystem models use a rather simplistic relationship between leaf nitrogen content and photosynthetic capacity. Such an approach does not consider how patterns of nitrogen allocation may change with differences in light intensity,(More)
A case of isolated spinal cord hemangioblastoma with associated extensive syringohydromyelia, which was evaluated by myelography, postmyelographic CT, magnetic resonance (MR), and angiography is presented. The specific preoperative and postoperative advantages of MR are given as well as a brief review of the literature.
PURPOSE To examine advanced breast cancer patients' perceptions of the key decision-making consultation for palliative chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred two women with advanced breast cancer, who were offered palliative chemotherapy, participated in a study-specific semistructured interview examining perceptions of the information they had(More)
INTRODUCTION Appendicitis in pregnancy (AIP) is the most common nonobstetric cause of an acute abdomen requiring surgical intervention. Diagnostic difficulties arising from gestational symptoms compound the risk of foetal loss after negative appendicectomy and exponentially increase the risk to mother and foetus with delay in genuine cases. In this article,(More)
Landscape attributes that vary with microtopography, such as active layer thickness (ALT), are labor intensive and difficult to document effectively through in situ methods at kilometer spatial extents, thus rendering remotely sensed methods desirable. Spatially explicit estimates of ALT can provide critically needed data for parameterization,(More)
Schwannoma is an important entity in the differential diagnosis of the enlarged jugular foramen. Our recent experience with 4 consecutive large schwannomas over a 12-month period is presented. As these tumors are usually less vascular than glomus jugulare tumors, they are frequently more amenable to surgical extirpation. Radiologic clues to their identity(More)
BACKGROUND Although more classically associated with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) can occur in some patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). To better define the clinical features that may be associated with ketoacidosis in patients with NIDDM, we reviewed the medical histories of Apache Indians with(More)
Photosynthetic capacity, determined by light harvesting and carboxylation reactions, is a key plant trait that determines the rate of photosynthesis; however, in Earth System Models (ESMs) at a reference temperature, it is either a fixed value for a given plant functional type or derived from a linear function of leaf nitrogen content. In this study, we(More)