Cathy Gunn

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Much confusion and frustration has been caused by the inability of workers in acupuncture to demonstrate the exact nature of acupuncture loci or to identify them in neuroanatomic terms. This study reviews 70 selected, commonly-used acupuncture loci. Loci were determined by their traditional descriptions and checked with a neurometer and calibration-stable(More)
Recent experience shows that reusable learning objects, like the computer assisted learning programmes of the early 1990s, have so far failed to achieve expected levels of integration into educational practice. This is despite technical interoperability, cataloguing systems, high quality standards, targeted dissemination and professional development(More)
KEYWORDS usability inspections, human computer interaction, user-centered design, process redesign ABSTRACT Can usability engineers, not formally educated as human factors engineers, help facilitate improving the ease of use of software products? Can design engineers learn to detect usability defects? The answer to both questions is yes. This is a success(More)
As administrators pursue the competitive edge, staff developers take a different approach to innovation by seeking cooperative solutions to teaching and learning problems. The challenge is to provide Academic Development and IT expertise that supports organizations' ability to respond to demand for technology supported, flexible learning across cultural(More)
" You can find equally good reasons on both sides of any argument, the only wise course is to stop thinking and judge by appearances " (Fernandez-Armesto 1998). Abstract The current climate of technological change promises to have significant impact on many aspects of work, society and higher education. In relation to higher education, such claims are(More)