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Nuclear magnetic relaxation rates are measured for whole blood, blood plasma, whole blood clots, and plasma clots in vitro. Relaxation rates are linear in the hematocrit and transverse relaxation rates are significantly greater than longitudinal relaxation rates. Longitudinal relaxation rates measured from 0.01 to 42 MHz for proton Larmor frequencies are(More)
The Darling River, in New South Wales, Australia, is a large semi-arid system with a highly variable flow regime, characterised by unpredictable events of flooding and drought. In large lowland rivers like the Darling, lateral (river-floodplain) interactions can greatly influence both physical and biological components of the system. The floodplain and(More)
Gold nanoparticles from commercially available colloids were deposited onto a hydrogen-terminated silicon substrate without the use of a polyelectrolyte linker by the addition of HF acid. The deposition density was shown to be controlled over three orders of magnitude by varying the colloid concentration, and finer control is achieved by varying the(More)
Severe thunderstorms frequently occur over the eastern and northeastern states of India during the pre-monsoon season (March-May). Forecasting thunderstorm is one of the most difficult tasks in weather prediction, due to their rather small spatial and temporal extension and the inherent non-linearity of their dynamics and physics. In this paper, experiments(More)
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