Cathy Carfield Lo

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In previous studies, we successfully refined nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) critical regions (CRs) mapping to chromosome 11q13 and 11q22-23. The chromosome 11 fragment containing the 1.8 Mb NPC CR at 11q13 (CR1), the CR at 11q22.3 mapped near D11S2000 (CR2), part of the CR at 11q23.1-11q23.2 overlapping with D11S1300 and D11S1391 (CR3), and the CR at cell(More)
Cobra cardiotoxins (CTXs) are able to adopt a three-fingered beta-strand structure with continuous hydrophobic patch that is capable of interacting with zwitterionic phospholipid bilayer. In addition to the four disulfide bonds that form the rigid core of CTXs, Asp57 near the C-terminus interacts electrostatically with Lys2 near the N-terminus (Chiang et(More)
Effects of tumor, operative stress and tumor removal, and postoperative TPN of varying amino acid compositions on brain levels of tryptophan or tyrosine as predicted by their brain influx rates were studied in normals and in malnourished cancer patients. Concentrations of the large neutral amino acids (LNAA) were determined in patients before and after(More)
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