Cathy A. Bykowski

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The urine of people who have recently eaten asparagus has a sulfurous odor, which is distinct and similar to cooked cabbage. Using a 2-alternative forced-choice procedure, we examined individual differences in both the production of the odorants and the perception of this asparagus odor in urine. We conclude that individual differences exist in both odorant(More)
OBJECTIVE This research investigated the effects of a critical incident lethal force scenario on a panel of salivary biomarkers, measured at baseline and then at 10 and 30 minutes postscenario, in 141 law enforcement volunteer officers. METHODS Officers were randomly assigned to two virtual reality scenarios. One scenario was brief and involved a police(More)
AIMS To examine a self-efficacy explanation of the finding that depression is related to hemoglobin A1c (A1c) level in people with type 1 but not type 2 diabetes. METHODS Cross-sectional design involving 124 participants with type 1 (n=32) and type 2 (n=92) diabetes. Participants completed measures of depression and diabetes-related self-efficacy. A1c was(More)
AIMS Those with less education are at increased risk for developing diabetes and have a poorer prognosis. Intensive diabetes self-care interventions have been more effective at improving glycemic control in those with lower educational attainment. Due to limited resources, the focus has shifted to brief, cost-effective health interventions. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Among people with diabetes, depression is more common and is associated with greater morbidity and mortality. A better understanding of mechanisms underlying the link between poor health and depression is needed. Pain and functional impairment may account for the effect of poor health on depression in diabetes. PURPOSE The purpose of the study(More)
DEDICATION This doctoral dissertation is dedicated in memory of my father, Richard A. Rosowski. For my entire life he demonstrated the importance of continued education and striving to attain my goals and dreams. He taught me that I would encounter obstacles and hardships but that perseverance and hard work would allow me to achieve more than I ever(More)
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