Cathryn Gordon Green

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PURPOSE To develop a non-invasive method for exploring seizure initiation and propagation in the brain of intact experimental animals. METHODS We have developed and applied a model-independent statistical method--Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA)--for analyzing BOLD-fMRI data following administration of pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) to intact rats. HCA(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood dysregulation, which reflects deficits in the capacity to regulate or control one's thoughts, emotions and behaviours, is associated with psychopathology throughout childhood and into adulthood. Exposures to adversity during the prenatal period, including prenatal depression, can influence the development of dysregulation, and a number(More)
Time estimation of short durations (under 1 sec) was examined in low-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and typically developing (TD) children matched on mental age. Temporal bisection and generalization tasks were used to examine basic perceptual timing mechanisms. For both tasks, the participants with ASD demonstrated less(More)
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