Cathryn Clarke Murray

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OBJECTIVE To measure the effect of war trauma on the functional health and mental health status of Cambodian adolescents living in a refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border. METHOD A multistage probability sample identified 1,000 households in the camp known as Site Two. Interviews were conducted in each household with randomly selected adults 18 years(More)
Invasive species possess unique traits that allow them to navigate the invasion process in order to establish and spread in new habitats. Successful hull fouling invaders must resist both physical and physiological stressors associated with their voyage. We characterised attachment strength and drag coefficient of common fouling species in order to estimate(More)
1. The most effective way to manage nonindigenous species and their impacts is to prevent their introduction via vector regulation. While ships' ballast water is very well studied and this vector is actively managed, hull fouling has received far less attention and regulations are only now being considered despite its importance for introductions to(More)
Manuscript reports contain scientific and technical information that contributes to existing knowledge but which deals with national or regional problems. Distribution is restricted to institutions or individuals located in particular regions of Canada. However, no restriction is placed on subject matter, and the series reflects the broad interests and(More)
The multi-scalar complexity of social-ecological systems makes it challenging to quantify impacts from human activities on ecosystems, inspiring risk-based approaches to assessments of potential effects of human activities on valued ecosystem components. Risk assessments do not commonly include the risk from indirect effects as mediated via habitat and(More)
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