Cathrine M Lofthus

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An algorithm for the paracetamol absorption test for gastric emptying, adjusting for individual pharmacokinetics, was recently developed. The aim of the present study was to validate the use of this algorithm. Furthermore, the algorithm was applied to elucidate whether a gastric tube interferes with the rate of gastric emptying. A caloric liquid meal with(More)
BACKGROUND More than 20% of the hip fracture patients die within the first year after the incident. Few data are available on the trends in mortality following a hip fracture. The present aim was to study changes in excess mortality after hip fracture from 1978/79 up to 1996/97. METHODS Data on 5180 hip fracture patients aged ≥ 50 years, identified in(More)
BACKGROUND There is uncertainty as to which intake of vitamin D is needed to suppress PTH and maintain normal bone metabolism throughout winter at northern latitudes. We aimed to investigate whether four weeks' daily supplementation with 10 μg vitamin D3 from fish oil produced a greater change in serum vitamin D metabolites, parathyroid hormone, and bone(More)
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