Cathrin Olsen

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Tetrabromobisphenol A (TeBBPA) is a four-meta-brominated variant of bisphenol A (BPA) and is one of the most commonly used brominated flame retardants worldwide. We compared the estrogenic potency of TeBBPA, BPA and the brominated analogs mono- (MBBPA), di- (DBBPA), and tribromobisphenol A (TrBBPA) in the estrogen-dependent human breast cancer cell line(More)
As well as consolidating memory, sleep has been proposed to serve a second important function for memory, i.e. to free capacities for the learning of new information during succeeding wakefulness. The slow wave activity (SWA) that is a hallmark of slow wave sleep could be involved in both functions. Here, we aimed to demonstrate a causative role for SWA in(More)
The metabolic effects of metformin were compared to the effects of phenformin on isolated parenchymal liver cells from fed and fasted rats with ethanol or glycerol as the only substrate. Both biguanides caused a fall in the hepatic oxygen-consumption, in the cellular ATP-content and in the ATP/ADP-ratio. The lactate production and the concentration-ratios(More)
3-Nitropropionic acid (NPA), an inhibitor of succinate dehydrogenase, is dietary neurotoxin. It is not known if neurons and astrocytes differ in their vulnerability to NPA, therefore, we investigated its toxicity in primary cultures of cerebellar granule cells and astrocytes. NPA inhibited succinate dehydrogenase and tricarboxylic acid cycle activity to the(More)
By using paired sera the IgM and IgG host responses were analyzed in dogs with ELISA and Western blot techniques. Antibodies in clinical seropositive dogs bound to 4-25 IgM and up to 40 or more IgG antigenic determinants. Early IgM response to the 41-kDa flagellin persisted for at least 9 months and involved as many as seven other peptides. IgG response(More)
The effect of glycerol on the lactate metabolism was studied on the perfused rat liver. Addition of glycerol to the perfusion medium caused a significant output of lactate and uptake of pyruvate. The lactate/pyruvate- and beta-hydroxybutyrate/acetoacetate ratios rose indicating an effect of glycerol on the cytoplasmic and mitochondrial redox potentials(More)
The intramuscular fat content, its fatty acid composition and that from the triglyceride fraction, were determined in several muscles from the right sides of four Duroc Jersey and four Hampshire castrated male pigs slaughtered at 100 kg liveweight. The Hampshires had heavier muscles than the Duroc Jersey pigs, but did not show significant differences in the(More)
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