Cathleen Odar Stough

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This pilot study investigated the impact of a parent-child dyad cooking intervention on reducing eating dinner away from home. Eating away from home often results in consumption of energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods that can contribute to excess energy consumption in children. A pre-post design to evaluate a 10-week cooking intervention on reducing eating(More)
Developing interventions targeting obesity reduction in preschoolers is an emergent area. Although intensive, multicomponent interventions seem a promising approach to preschool obesity reduction, this review identifies and discusses approaches to 3 critical gaps (poor reach to families from low-income and minority backgrounds, lack of sufficient evidence(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine referral by primary care providers (PCPs) of preschool children with obesity (≥95th percentile for body mass index [BMI]) to a weight management intervention when offered through a randomized clinical trial (RCT), and identify reasons for not referring children. STUDY DESIGN In phase I, 3 experts in obesity, psychology, and nutrition(More)
Obesity affects nearly 2 million preschool age children in the United States and is not abating. However, research on interventions for already obese preschoolers is limited. To address this significant gap in the literature, we developed an intervention targeting obesity reduction in 2 to 5year olds, Learning about Activity and Understanding Nutrition for(More)
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