Cathleen L. Yordi

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STUDY QUESTION Does improved access to community-based care reduce perceived burden and reported levels of depression among primary caregivers of people with dementia? DATA SOURCES Baseline and periodic caregiver interviews with participants in the Medicare Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration. Client and caregiver attributes and caregiver outcomes such as(More)
STUDY QUESTION Did the Medicare Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration with its case management and community service waivers affect the use of community-based long-term care services among people with dementia and their primary caregivers? DATA SOURCES Baseline and periodic caregiver interviews. Measures include client and caregiver attributes and(More)
A randomized 3-year study assessed the effect of expanded community-based services and case management on 5,254 caregivers of dementia clients. A tested policy concern was whether the financing of formal care would result in a reduction of informal assistance. Unmet needs task assistance for the demonstration's treatment group caregivers decreased by 30(More)
The Medicare Alzheimer Disease Demonstration tested a case management and community care benefit for persons with dementia. The demonstration produced statistically but not clinically significant reductions in caregiver burden and depression. It increased access to community-based long-term care services but did not affect the level of services used. It did(More)
BACKGROUND The social health maintenance organization (S/HMO) demonstration was implemented, in part, to determine if the presumed integration of acute and chronic care in these plans could produce sufficient savings to allow plans to offer expanded and chronic care benefits without increased cost to the Medicare program. METHODS S/HMO members and a(More)
In this article, case management departments and roles during the early years of the social health maintenance organization (S/HMO) demonstrations are compared. These organizations provide acute and chronic care services under a prepaid plan for the elderly. Eligibility criteria for case management and chronic care services at each site are compared,(More)
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