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Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has a 5-y survival rate of ∼16%, with most deaths associated with uncontrolled metastasis. We screened for stem cell identity-related genes preferentially expressed in a panel of cell lines with high versus low metastatic potential, derived from NSCLC tumors of Kras(LA1/+);P53(R172HΔG/+) (KP) mice. The Musashi-2 (MSI2)(More)
The molecular dynamics of the apo alpha-chain of human hemoglobin have been examined using three different fluorescent probes, as well as by circular dichroism. All of these criteria are consistent with a significant loss of organized structure and molecular rigidity for the apo derivative. The apo alpha-chain thus contrasts with the apo beta-chain, which(More)
Conflicting reports regarding whether high tumor-associated neutrophils (TAN) are associated with outcomes in colorectal cancer (CRC) exist. Previous investigators have counted TAN using non-neutrophil-specific immunohistochemistry (IHC) stains. We examined whether TAN levels as determined by multi-field manual counting would predict prognosis. IRB approval(More)
PURPOSE To compare the safety and efficacy of a new enhanced viscosity ophthalmic formulation of tobramycin, given twice daily (BID), with the existing four times daily (QID) treatment regimen in patients with acute bacterial conjunctivitis. METHODS This was a 12-day, multicenter, observer-masked, randomized, parallel group study. Patients received one(More)
The presence of inverted acoustic reflex (IAR) was observed in patients with surgically-confirmed otosclerosis. The characteristics of intensity, stimuli, and thresholds were analyzed. IAR was found in 90% of the patients stimulated on the same side at 110 dB HL with 500, 1000, and 2000-Hz frequencies. The intensity of IAR was higher at 1000-Hz and in(More)
Four patients with microphthalmos with cyst were examined and evaluated by computed tomography (CT). Each patient had a different clinical presentation, which varied according to the appearance of the anterior segment and the size and location of the orbital cyst. All had very poor vision in the involved eye. CT was of great value in the diagnosis and(More)
The current standard-of-care imaging technique for the diagnosis of osteomyelitis is gadolinium-contrasted MRI (Gd-MRI). However, Gd-MRI has imperfect specificity for osteomyelitis because signal enhancement also occurs in the presence of Charcot joints and other forms of sterile inflammation. The diagnosis of osteomyelitis has substantial clinical(More)
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