Cathleen Bache

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An improved method for determining plane-layered earth models that accurately represent the important features controlling the amplitude and wave form of surface waves is presented. The method includes a formal inversion of phase and group velocity data determined from observed seismograms and is applied to the Rayleigh waves from Nevada Test Site (NTS)(More)
Infants possess the remarkable capacity to perceive occluded movements as ongoing and coherent. Little is known about the neural mechanisms that enable internal representation of conspecifics' and inanimate objects' movements during visual occlusion. In this study, 10-month-old infants watched briefly occluded human and object movements. Prior to occlusion,(More)
Research has shown that infants are able to track a moving target efficiently - even if it is transiently occluded from sight. This basic ability allows prediction of when and where events happen in everyday life. Yet, it is unclear whether, and how, infants internally represent the time course of ongoing movements to derive predictions. In this study,(More)
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