Cathie Milton

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Submandibular gland excision is an operation frequently performed by many different surgical specialists. It is often associated with a variety of postoperative complications, the commonest being neurological deficits related to damage to the marginal mandibular, lingual or hypoglossal nerves. Other patients develop further problems at a later date due to(More)
  • C M Milton
  • Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences
  • 1985
Thirteen cases of sarcoidosis were seen at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital and St George's Hospital, Tooting, between 1963 and 1984 inclusive. In only 5 patients had a diagnosis of sarcoidosis been made prior to attendance. In the remaining 8 patients, there was a considerable delay in making a diagnosis in those cases with predominantly(More)
Sixty-eight cases of congenital conductive hearing loss due to ossicular abnormalities were reviewed. The clinical and surgical details of each case were documented, and a classification was drawn up on the basis of the abnormalities encountered. Sixty-six percent of the cases were documented as middle ear anomalies in the absence of any other evidence of(More)
Cholesterol granuloma in sites other than the ear may present to many different specialties. Diagnosis is rarely suspected pre-operatively, and depends on the finding of a characteristic histological picture. It is generally considered that malaeration with haemorrhage into a cavity which is normally aerated is the primary event in the development of this(More)
A total of 535 children aged 4-11 years with perennial rhinitis were recruited to two double-blind studies performed at 56 centres in eight European countries, Israel, and South Africa. One study compared the efficacy and tolerability of fluticasone propionate aqueous nasal spray (FPANS), at either 100 micrograms once daily (od) or 100 micrograms twice(More)
Facial paralysis due to cat scratch disease (CSD) has not been described previously. A case is reported where this self limiting benign condition presented in a child with a parotid lump and a lower motor neurone facial paralysis affecting the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve simulating a malignant tumour of the parotid gland. This case(More)
Autologous cultured keratinocyte layers were grafted onto the unepithelialised open mastoid cavities in 8 patients with otorrhoea for 2 to 32 years. All procedures were done on an outpatient basis without anaesthesia, except for local anaesthesia for skin biopsy. The cultured keratinocyte layers adhered well to the bed of granulation tissue lining the(More)
One case each of: (1) low grade thyroid lymphoma; (2) supraclavicular and para-oesophageal metastasis of a uterine adenocarcinoma; and (3) recurrent multinodular goitre have been encountered in very intimate relationship with the neck of a pharyngeal pouch within the tracheo-oesophageal gutter raising the possibility that the two conditions were(More)