Catherine Yap

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In this study we have examined the mechanism of platelet aggregation under physiological flow conditions using an in vitro flow-based platelet aggregation assay and an in vivo rat thrombosis model. Our studies demonstrate an unexpected complexity to the platelet aggregation process in which platelets in flowing blood continuously tether, translocate, and/or(More)
A clear understanding of the role of PI (phosphoinositide) 3-kinases in supporting the haemostatic function of platelets has been slow to evolve. In fact, insight into the roles of individual PI 3-kinase isoforms in platelet function remains rudimentary. However, based on in vitro studies using wortmannin and LY294002, there is evidence for an important(More)
We revisit the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) hypothesis using 1987-1995 data for Chinese provinces. A comparison of off-sample (1996-2004) predictions to actual emissions indicates that more stringent rules are still needed to fight industrial (waste water and dust) pollution. Auxiliary regressions show that conditional on income, northern provinces(More)
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