Catherine Wicker-Planquart

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GTPases have been demonstrated to be necessary for the proper assembly of the ribosome in bacteria and eukaryotes. Here, we show that the essential GTPases YphC and YsxC are required for large ribosomal subunit biogenesis in Bacillus subtilis. Sucrose density gradient centrifugation of large ribosomal subunits isolated from YphC-depleted cells and(More)
Tobacco microtubule associated protein (MAP65) (NtMAP65s) constitute a family of microtubule-associated proteins with apparent molecular weight around 65 kDa that collectively induce microtubule bundling and promote microtubule assembly in vitro. They are associated with most of the tobacco microtubule arrays in situ. Recently, three NtMAP65s belonging to(More)
YsxC is a small GTPase of Bacillus subtilis with essential but still unknown function, although recent works have suggested that it might be involved in ribosome biogenesis. Here, purified YsxC overexpressed in Escherichia coli was found to be partly associated with high-molecular-weight material, most likely rRNA, and thus eluted from gel filtration as a(More)
Recombinant human gastric lipase (rHGL) (EC was produced on a large scale (5-13 mg/liter) from recombinant baculovirus-infected insect cells using a bioreactor apparatus. Here an improved procedure is described for purifying rHGL involving the use of cation exchange chromatography followed by immunoaffinity column methods, which gives a total yield(More)
YsxC is an essential P-loop GTPase, that binds to the 50S ribosomal subunit, and is required for the proper assembly of the ribosome. The aim of this study was to characterize YsxC ribosome interactions. The stoichiometry of YsxC ribosome subunit complex was evaluated. We showed that YsxC binding to the 50S ribosomal subunit is not affected by GTP, but in(More)
Changes in the activities of three gastric and nine pancreatic enzymes plus colipase were determined during postnatal development and weaning in calves. In calves exclusively milk-fed for 2, 7, 28, 56, 70 and 119 d, the enzyme activities per kilogram of empty live weight increased with age for chymotrypsin, elastase, carboxypeptidases A and B, ribonuclease(More)
Human gastric lipase (HGL) cDNA was synthesized by RT-PCR amplification and cloned into the PVL 1392 baculovirus transfer vector. The recombinant transfer vector was cotransfected with a modified baculovirus DNA (Baculogold) which contains a lethal deletion. Cotransfection of baculovirus DNA with the recombinant transfer vector rescues the lethal deletion(More)
At least twenty secretory proteins are synthesized in the exocrine pancreas of higher vertebrates, most of which are essential enzymes for digestion to be carried out. Using two-dimensional polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulphate, it has been possible to identify in the rat two isozymes of amylase (EC, the main protein (20%)(More)