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Evaluating qualitative research: dealing with the tension between ‘science’ and ‘creativity’
Summary This paper responds to recent calls for detailed evaluative criteria for qualitative research in human geography. It argues that the dualism between ‘science’ and ‘creativity’ is unfounded,
Practitioners’ Views About the Use of Business Email Within Organizational Settings: Implications for Developing Student Generic Competence
Although extensive research has been done on teaching emails and on the use of emails in organisations, little research exists about how to incorporate organizational practitioners’ views as the
Geographies of education: A journey
This paper provides a critical overview of scholarship on the geographies of education. The article explores some of the key roots, linguistic traditions and conceptual underpinnings of what has
Diversifying assessment across the ‘Two Cultures’: student-produced podcasts in Geography
Abstract Since 2008, following growing collective interest in learning technologies and pedagogy, Geography and History departments at Northumbria and Newcastle Universities have successfully
Feminist Knowledge and Ethical Concerns: Towards a Geography of Situated Ethics
This paper compares feminist writings on ‘ethic’ behaviour in research, recent debates about ethics among geographers and experiences drawn from the authors’ personal fieldwork. It advocates for the
Living Geography: 8 ways fieldwork - evolution & evalutation
Within the context of the Geographical Association's "Living Geography" initiative, this presentation sets out the approach, experiences and lessons drawn for a national pliot on an "8 Way Thinking"