Catherine Weisman

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PURPOSE Expression of the pro-apoptotic protein BAX sensitizes ovarian cancer cell lines to paclitaxel in vitro by enhancing the pathway of programmed cell death. The present study was performed to determine the relationship between BAX expression and clinical outcome in 45 patients with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer. METHODS BAX protein expression was(More)
A model of an idealized thermoacoustic engine is formulated, coupling nonlinear flow and heat exchange in the heat exchangers and stack with a simple linear acoustic model of the resonator and load. Correct coupling results in an asymptotically consistent global model, in the small Mach number approximation. A well-resolved numerical solution is obtained(More)
This article reports results of a survey of 1,257 potential employers of US health professionals overseas, interviews with informants in international health, an analysis of career patterns of a small group of international health workers, and a review of numbers of health professionals trained in schools of public health for international health work.(More)
Rayleigh streaming is a steady flow generated by the interaction between an acoustic wave and a solid wall, generally assumed to be second order in a Mach number expansion. Acoustic streaming is well known in the case of a stationary plane wave at low amplitude: it has a half-wavelength spatial periodicity and the maximum axial streaming velocity is a(More)
The influence of a resistive load on the starting performance of a standing-wave thermoacoustic engine is investigated numerically. The model used is based upon a low Mach number assumption; it couples the two-dimensional nonlinear flow and heat exchange within the thermoacoustic active cell with one-dimensional linear acoustics in the loaded resonator. For(More)
Introduction A thermoacoustic engine is a device absorbing heat at the hot heat exchanger and releasing heat at the cold heat exchanger while producing acoustic work as an output. Engines are built to carry a load, which in the case of an acoustic device, might include a thermoacoustic refrigerator [4], a (possibly linear) electric generator [2] etc.(More)