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W e use data from a large-scale field experiment to explore what influences the effectiveness of online advertising. We find that matching an ad to website content and increasing an ad's obtrusiveness independently increase purchase intent. However, in combination, these two strategies are ineffective. Ads that match both website content and are obtrusive(More)
This paper quantifies the effect of state privacy regulation on the diffusion of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMR allow medical providers to store and exchange patient information using computers rather than paper records. Hospitals may be more likely to adopt EMR if they can reassure patients that their confidentiality is legally protected.(More)
An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) allows medical providers to store and transfer patient information using computers rather than paper records. The ability to transfer existing medical information about a patient to another hospital electronically could be beneficial or detrimental to hospitals. On one hand, the ability to transfer patient records(More)
  • Wesley R Hartmann, Puneet Manchanda, Harikesh Nair, Matthew Bothner, Peter Dodds, David Godes +10 others
  • 2008
Social interactions occur when agents in a network affect other agents' choices directly, as opposed to via the intermediation of markets. The study of such interactions and the resultant outcomes has long been an area of interest across a wide variety of social sciences. With the advent of electronic media that facilitate and record such interactions, this(More)