Catherine Stringer

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The industrial and scientific communities have expressed the need for sensing and actuation over a broad temperature range. This review presents high temperature piezoelectric materials that are commercially available and those that are under development. Key materials, in order of increasing Curie temperature (T/sub C/), are Pb(Zr,TiO)/sub 3/ (PZT),(More)
BACKGROUND Mirror therapy (MT) is an increasingly employed method aimed at reducing phantom pain and other negative sensations following loss of a limb or damage to sensorimotor systems. However, the brain processes associated with the perception of limb ownership, a key correlate of MT, are unknown. OBJECTIVE To examine whether transient perceptions of(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Water treadmill exercise is often incorporated into rehabilitation programmes for horses yet little is known about the biomechanical and physiological responses to water walking. OBJECTIVES To establish whether stride frequency (SF) reached steady state as a result of 6 introductory water treadmill sessions and then to(More)
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