Catherine Stegemann

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CONTEXT Rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy is an integral component of the clinical outcome of the procedure. Given the increase in quantity, complexity, and diversity of procedures performed, a need exists to define the role of rehabilitation following hip arthroscopy. OBJECTIVES (1) To determine the current rehabilitation protocols utilized(More)
Hip preservation surgery has become more common over the past decade and is now a preferred treatment modality for an increasingly diverse array of pathology in the young, active patient with hip pain. In particular, hip arthroscopy has become an increasingly popular treatment choice for active patients diagnosed with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).(More)
Since the first modern silicon solar cells have been launched in the early 50s by AT&T Bell Laboratories [1], research and development in Brazil still represents a small fraction of the current capacity to generate power due to the high import taxes associated to the solar-grade silicon. Brazil is one of the most favorable countries for solar energy(More)
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