Catherine Shenoy

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Two separate strands of the literature on capital structure under asymmetric information consider the relationship between a firm's financial leverage and cash flow. Signalling theory suggests a positive relationship, while pecking order behavior implies a negative relationship. These contrasting theoretical implications appear contradictory. However, both(More)
In this paper, we propose a linear belief function approach to evaluating portfolio performance. By drawing on the notion of linear belief functions, we propose an elementary approach to knowledge representation for expert systems using linear belief functions. We show how to use basic matrices to represent market information and financial knowledge,(More)
BACKGROUND Overweight, obestity, and lack of fitness in America is reported to be increasing at an accelerated pace. This national trend has serious health and economic ramifications not only for the general population but also directly for industry. Obesity in the workplace has resulted in increased expenses to industry: directly through increased medical(More)
OBJECTIVE This study is an interventional evaluation of a post-offer employment testing. The study is designed to determine if shoulder injury rates are lowered when employees are placed at jobs they demonstrate the physical ability to perform. METHODS A physical capacity evaluation based testing protocol was utilized to determine if each new employee had(More)
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