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The lateral prefrontal cortex is critical for the control and organization of information in working memory. In certain situations, effective reorganization can attenuate task difficulty, suggesting a dissociation between lateral prefrontal activity and basic memory demand. In a verbal working memory task, we investigated the enhancement of performance that(More)
Female spiders are fine-tuned to detect and quickly respond to prey vibrations, presenting a challenge to courting males who must attract a female’s attention but not be mistaken for prey. This is likely particularly important at the onset of courtship when a male enters a female’s web. In web-dwelling spiders, little is known about how males solve this(More)
Red-throated Caracaras Ibycter americanus (Falconidae) are specialist predators of social wasps in the Neotropics. It had been proposed that these caracaras possess chemical repellents that allow them to take the brood of wasp nests without being attacked by worker wasps. To determine how caracaras exploit nests of social wasps and whether chemical(More)
This paper makes the assertion that vehicle routing rearch has produced increasingly more powerful problem solvers, but has not increased the realism or compexity of typical problem instances. This paper argues that the time has come of use realistic street network data to increase the relevence and challenge of our work. A particular benefit of real world(More)
Web-building spiders construct their own vibratory signaling environments. Web architecture should affect signal design, and vice versa, such that vibratory signals are transmitted with a minimum of attenuation and degradation. However, the web is the medium through which a spider senses both vibratory signals from courting males and cues produced by(More)
Chemical communication is common in spiders but few pheromones have been identified. Female widow spiders in the genus Latrodectus spin webs that disseminate an attractive sex pheromone, and a contact pheromone on the silk elicits courtship behavior by males. The methyl ester of N-3-methylbutanoyl-O-(S)-2-methylbutanoyl-L-serine is a contact pheromone of(More)
The vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW) has previously been investigated as a multi-objective problem. In this paper estimated carbon emissions is added as an objective alongside the number of vehicles required and distance travelled. We term this new problem formulation (E)VRPTW. In order to estimate emissions we require detailed information(More)
One aspect of spectrin/4.1/ankyrin function is to act as an " accumulation machine " at the plasma membrane by recruiting selected transmembrane proteins to sites specified by cell adhesion molecules, and stablizing them by linkage to the internal cytoskeleton [1]. In the nervous system, an important site of intercellular adhesion is the synapse. Spectrin(More)
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