Catherine Scott

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Appropriate verbal instruction is critical to effective guidance of movements. Internal (movement focus) and external (outcome focus) attentional focusing instructions have been shown to influence movement kinetics and muscular activity; this study investigated their effects during a force production task. Twenty-five participants (mean age of 22.72 +/-(More)
Collaboration among health care providers and across systems is proposed as a strategy to improve health care delivery the world over. Over the past two decades, health care providers have been encouraged to work in partnership and build interdisciplinary teams. More recently, the notion of networks has entered this discourse but the lack of consensus and(More)
Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy is a major cause of premature death in people with epilepsy. We aimed to assess whether structural changes potentially attributable to sudden death pathogenesis were present on magnetic resonance imaging in people who subsequently died of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. In a retrospective, voxel-based analysis of T1(More)
We describe a 42-year old patient with right hand sensorimotor seizures who underwent extraoperative cortical stimulation mapping (CSM) of the left primary motor cortex (M1). Cortical stimulation of the region where primary motor cortex was expected evoked exclusively complex motor responses with proximal right arm and proximal left leg asymmetric tonic(More)
BACKGROUND In health services research, there is a growing view that partnerships between researchers and decision-makers (i.e., collaborative research teams) will enhance the effective translation and use of research results into policy and practice. For this reason, there is an increasing expectation by health research funding agencies that health system(More)
Red-throated Caracaras Ibycter americanus (Falconidae) are specialist predators of social wasps in the Neotropics. It had been proposed that these caracaras possess chemical repellents that allow them to take the brood of wasp nests without being attacked by worker wasps. To determine how caracaras exploit nests of social wasps and whether chemical(More)
Stertorous breathing may occur after epileptic convulsions, but does not typically occur after psychogenic non-epileptic convulsions. During an 18-month audit at a tertiary referral centre in the United Kingdom, we analysed 75 convulsions arising in 45 patients and found that nursing and ancillary staff can be easily trained to reliably identify the(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was the evaluation of the added value of depth to subdural electrodes in delineating epileptogenicity of focal cortical dysplasias (FCDs) and to test the Epileptogenicity Index (EI) in this setting. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifteen patients with FCD underwent iEEG with subdural and depth electrodes. Visual/EI analysis was(More)
Web-building spiders construct their own vibratory signaling environments. Web architecture should affect signal design, and vice versa, such that vibratory signals are transmitted with a minimum of attenuation and degradation. However, the web is the medium through which a spider senses both vibratory signals from courting males and cues produced by(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to describe the additional lateralizing and localizing value of the postictal EEG in frontal lobe epilepsy (FLE). The ictal EEG in FLE is frequently challenging to localize. METHODS We identified patients investigated for epilepsy surgery with unilateral FLE based on consistent semiology, a clear lesion and/or with(More)