Catherine Salvat

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Transcobalamin (TC) is the plasma transporter that delivers vitamin B(12) to cells. We have already reported that HT-29 and Caco-2 cells secrete different TC variants. HT-29 secretes 2 TC isoproteins (codon 259-Pro/Arg [259-P/R]), exhibiting unequal concentrations (TC 259-P > TC 259-R), and Caco-2 cells only secrete the phenotype 259-R. We investigated the(More)
Oligodendrocytes generate and maintain myelin, which is essential for axonal function and protection of the mammalian central nervous system. To advance our molecular understanding of differentiation by these cells, we screened libraries of pharmacologically active compounds and identified inducers of differentiation of Oli-neu, a stable cell line of mouse(More)
Inadequate remyelination of brain white matter lesions has been associated with a failure of oligodendrocyte precursors to differentiate into mature, myelin-producing cells. In order to better understand which genes play a critical role in oligodendrocyte differentiation, we performed time-dependent, genome-wide gene expression studies of mouse Oli-neu(More)
We previously reported that the type II secreted phospholipase A2 (sPLA2) promoter from positions (-326 to +20) ([-326;+20] promoter) is negatively regulated by two adjacent regulatory elements, C (-210 to -176) and D (-247 to -210). This study examines in greater detail the way in which this negative regulation operates. Successive 5' deletions of the(More)
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