Catherine S. Wynne

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We report a 4-year-old child with a mesenteric mass, which on ultrasound, CT and conventional MRI appeared solid, raising lymphoma as a possible diagnosis. Diffusion weighted MRI (DW-MRI), however, suggested a low-cellularity lesion, making lymphoma less likely. Biopsy confirmed lymphangioma. DW-MRI may be a useful adjunct to conventional imaging, even in(More)
A simple method to test new gadolinium complexes potentially useful as enhancement agents for magnetic resonance imaging was developed. Healthy rats underwent scintigraphy with two potential hepatobiliary agents, diethyl IDA and diisopropyl IDA complexed with gadolinium-153. Control products included 153Gd DTPA, 153GdCl3 and technetium-99m diethyl IDA. As(More)
The purpose of the study on which this article was based was to examine the effectiveness of training simulated patients with self-instructional materials. A six-hour program consisting of eight videotapes and 10 sets of written materials was administered to 54 trainees. Pretest and posttest score comparisons revealed an increase in knowledge about(More)
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