Catherine S. E. Bale

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BACKGROUND WHO has recommended vitamin A supplementation for children aged 6 months or older in developing countries at the same time as immunisation. One study has reported significantly lower seroconversion ratios among children who have received vitamin A supplements with measles vaccine at age 6 months. The aim of our study was to assess the effect of(More)
A model, applicable to a range of innovation diffusion applications with a strong peer to peer component, is developed and studied, along with methods for its investigation and analysis. A particular application is to individual households deciding whether to install an energy efficiency measure in their home. The model represents these individuals as nodes(More)
Investment in infrastructure is recognized as a key enabler of economic prosperity, but it is also important for addressing social and environmental challenges, including climate change mitigation and addressing fuel poverty. The UK Government Strategy Investing in Britain's Future argues that significant investment in " resilient, cost effective and(More)
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