Catherine R Lucey

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PURPOSE To study the types, causes, and consequences of academic health center (AHC) "elephants," which the authors define as obvious problems that impair performance but which the community collectively does not discuss or confront. METHOD Between April and June 2010, the authors polled all the chairs of departments of medicine and of surgery at the then(More)
PURPOSE To compare perceptions and perspectives of medical school deans and hospital chief executive officers (CEOs) regarding roles, responsibilities, and attributes of effective clinical department chairs. METHOD In 2009, the authors surveyed the deans of 126 U.S. medical schools and the CEOs of the primary teaching hospitals in the schools' academic(More)
Enhancing professionalism is an important goal of all physicians, both as individuals and as members of educational and institutional communities of practice. Despite a great deal of dialogue and discourse, the medical profession struggles to ensure that all physicians are able to embrace and live the values of professionalism, notwithstanding the myriad(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the prevalence and characteristics of faculty rock stars, a subset of academic health center faculty who greatly enhance the reputation and/or success of their home institution, oftentimes at the expense of a disproportionate share of institutional resources. METHOD In 2008, the authors surveyed the deans of 126 U.S. medical schools(More)
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