Catherine R. Bateman-Steel

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BACKGROUND Studies in developed countries indicate that psychotic-like symptoms are prevalent in the community and are related to trauma exposure and PTSD. No comparable studies have been undertaken in low-income, post-conflict countries. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of psychotic-like symptoms in conflict-affected Timor Leste and to examine(More)
Determining who may or may not enter and remain within a set of territorial boundaries is a defining feature of the modern nation state. In the current era of globalization , the sheer volume of international travel—for business, tourism, employment, and education, as well as permanent reset-tlement—places formidable pressure on states attempting to manage(More)
It is important to define subpopulations with mental health and psychosocial reactions in the medium-term following conflict to ensure that an appropriate array of services are provided to meet the diversity of needs. We conducted a latent class analysis (LCA) on epidemiological data drawn from an urban and rural sample of 1221 adults (581 men and 640(More)
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