Catherine Puleo

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OBJECTIVES Tissue engineering has the potential to make a significant impact on improving tissue repair in the craniofacial system. The general strategy for tissue engineering includes seeding cells on a biomaterial scaffold. The number of scaffold and cell choices for tissue engineering systems is continually increasing and will be reviewed. DESIGN(More)
In this work, the properties of a growing frost layer were analyzed for surfaces of varying wettability to determine the effect that the surface energy has on the frost mass, thickness, and density. Both patterned and non-patterned surfaces were explored. To date, three surfaces have been fabricated and tested— an uncoated, untreated aluminum plate (Sample(More)
The effect of a fatand liquid-calcium-rich meal on the pharmacokinetics of single and multiple doses of fleroxacin in 20 healthy men and women was investigated in a randomized crossover fashion. Fleroxacin was administered as 400 mg daily for 3 days and as a single 400 mg dose. Concurrent administration of fleroxacin with food resulted in a statistically(More)
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