Catherine Pritchard

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BACKGROUND The carcinogenicity of chewing tobacco is well established. It is predominantly used by the South Asian community in England. Little is known about the accessibility of the products available for use in England. METHODS Wards with high proportions or numbers of residents from the South Asian community were identified using 2001 Census data.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate regional variation in the registration of preterm births <24 weeks of gestation and the impact on infant death rates for English Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING England. PARTICIPANTS All registered births (1 January 2005-31 December 2008) by gestational age and PCT (147 trusts) linked to infant deaths(More)
Equitable access to health care services is an important driver to improve health. The link between socio-economic status and ill health has long been established and yet some population groups are still disadvantaged in accessing services. Health equity audit is a tool that enables the identification and redistribution of resources on the basis of need.(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing incidence of skin cancer is of concern to public health. Working predominantly outside, construction workers are at increased risk of sunburn and certain forms of skin cancer. The objective of this paper was to explore these concerns via use of alternative approaches to categorical data analysis by considering the relationship between(More)
Despite the implementation of smoke-free policies by local authorities and a statutory requirement to promote the health and well-being of looked-after children and young people in England, rates of tobacco use by this population are substantially higher than in the general youth population. A mixed-methods study, comprising a survey of residential care(More)
Breastfeeding has known positive health benefits for babies and mothers, yet the UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding initiation rates in Europe. Despite national guidance that recommends provision of breastfeeding peer support, there is conflicting evidence regarding its effectiveness, especially in high-income countries, and a lack of evidence among(More)
BACKGROUND The Ebola epidemic led to considerable media attention, which may influence public risk perception. Therefore, this study analysed the UK press response following diagnosis of a British healthcare worker (HCW) with Ebola. METHODS Using the Nexis database, the frequency of Ebola-related articles in UK national newspaper articles was mapped. This(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there was an association between the coverage of booster immunisation of Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular Pertussis and Polio (DTaP/IPV) and second Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) dose by age 5 in accordance with the English national immunisation schedule by area-level socioeconomic deprivation and whether this changed between(More)
Background Exclusive breastfeeding is the best start an infant can receive. However, in many high-income countries breastfeeding rates are low and this may be a reflection of social norms which in turn may be influenced by the media. This study therefore explored the portrayal of infant feeding in women's general interest magazines. Methods The five top(More)
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