Catherine P Dunnet

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Pulse oximetry has recently received attention in the dysphagia literature because of its possible contribution to the management of neurogenic dysphagia. The present study was devised to examine whether pulse oximetry could be exploited to determine episodes of aspiration in patients with known dysphagia of neurologic origin. To this end, pulse oximetry(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of radiotherapy and surgical voice restoration on functional outcome after total laryngectomy. METHODS Questionnaire packs were posted to all 258 laryngectomy patients in the West of Scotland Managed Clinical Network. Packs contained the Voice Symptom Scale (VoiSS), MD Anderson Dysphagia(More)
INTRODUCTION Methods of perceptual voice evaluation have yet to achieve satisfactory consistency; complete acceptance of a recognised clinical protocol is still some way off. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three speech and language therapists rated the voices of 43 patients attending the problem asthma clinic of a teaching hospital, according to the(More)
Speech and language therapists (SLTs) recognise the need to involve patients in the design and implementation of services. The present study describes the results of a questionnaire survey undertaken among SLTs working with patients with voice disorders to determine whether patients' and therapists' views on issues around dysphonia were in harmony. The(More)
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