Catherine Okello

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The Kampala cancer registry is the longest established in Africa. Trends in incidence rates for a 20-year period (1991-2010) for Kyadondo County (Kampala city and a rural hinterland) illustrate the effects of changing lifestyles in urban Africa, and the effects of the epidemic of HIV-AIDS. There has been an overall increase in the risk of cancer during the(More)
PURPOSE Breast cancer is now the leading female cancer in sub-Saharan Africa, but there is relatively little information on breast cancer characteristics from this region. We studied, on a population basis, the size and stage of female breast cancer at diagnosis in Côte d'Ivoire and Republic of Congo. METHODS Data on tumor size and stage of breast cancer(More)
BACKGROUND The future burden of cancer in England is predicted to increase by 33% by 2020. Those planning health services are often interested in predictions at a local level. This study aimed to estimate the future burden of cancer in London and compare this with estimates for England. METHODS Predictions for London were based on cancer registration data(More)
Mesothelioma is a highly fatal cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos fibres. In many populations, the occurrence of mesothelioma is monitored with the use of mortality data from death certification. We examine certified causes of death of patients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, and assess the validity of death certification data as a(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2000 English cancer policy has directed extra funding towards improving cancer outcomes and quality of care. Few evaluations have related programme budget data on cancer spending to population differences, disease burden, outcome or service activity for cancer. We used existing routine data to explore these associations for 39 primary care(More)
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