Catherine Nwafor

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There are high expectations on Second Life, a multi-user interactive virtual environment, to play a prominent role in higher education in the future. Across universities worldwide many projects aim to engage students in a variety of activities related to Second Life. However typically the number of students participating in those projects is small and the(More)
Contemporarily, enterprise organizations needs a cost effective, more flexible, and highly secured means of access control generally. Essentially, Access Control Systems (ACS) as physical security approaches have kept on evolving, ranging from generic keypads, card readers, shadow access and now biometric access approaches. The use of wireless keypads was(More)
Studies have shown that some existing enterprise applications including bussiness ERPs, Social Networks, etc implements a single layer security scheme which can easily be hacked. Also, these applications suffer from multiple security vulnerabilities, including SQL Injection Attacks (SQLIA), Social engineering, spoofing, etc. For most mission critical(More)
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