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To find a nonabsorbable suture material that is equivalent to polypropylene in ease of handling and tensile properties, and that has low thrombogenicity and tissue reactivity but improved biostability, some researchers and clinicians see merit in considering the suitability of monofilaments made from polyvinylidene fluoride. The current animal study(More)
The present study was undertaken to assess the performance of a new knitted and gelatin-sealed polyester vascular graft that is believed to have greater dimensional stability than current commercial devices. Samples of the uncrimped, crimped, and sealed prosthesis were submitted to a series of in vitro and in vivo trials. Four commercial polyester knitted(More)
Antimicrobial drug resistance is usually not monitored in under-resourced countries because they lack surveillance networks, laboratory capacity, and appropriate diagnostics. This accelerating problem accounts for substantial number of excess deaths, especially among infants. Infections particularly affected by antimicrobial drug resistance include(More)
We report a clinically isolated toxoplasma pneumonitis in a child treated by HLA haplo-mismatched BMT. Conditioning consisted of TBI, cytarabine and melphalan. The BM graft was T-depleted and the boy received iv moAb antiLFA1 and antiCD2. The clinical course of pneumonitis was characterised by an early onset (day 28) and a rapidly overwhelming course. Donor(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute schistosomiasis, called safari's fever in Africa and Katayama fever in Japan, is an immunoallergic reaction due to transcutaneous penetration of infective cercaria. We report the collective case of seven young adults spending holidays in Mali. EXEGESIS An eighteen years-old girl presents fever, headache, diarrhoea and abdominal pains at(More)
There have been reports suggesting that polypropylene (PP) monofilament sutures are associated with mechanical failure. To overcome this problem, a new monofilament suture made from polyvinylidene fluoride, under the trade name of Teflene, has been developed. Few studies have measured the in vitro properties of Teflene sutures, and those that have, have(More)