Catherine Marneffe

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The authors report the preliminary result of an integrated approach to the primary prevention of the child abuse syndrome. The problem has been approached through a new concept of prenatal and postnatal care, the obstetrical team working in close cooperation with the child psychiatrist of the department of pediatrics. The obstetrical team followed 91(More)
The evaluation of any antenatal prevention program of child abuse and neglect is limited for statistical and ethical reasons, as shown in the first part of the present study (cf., The obstetrical viewpoint by G. Soumenkoff). The authors propose a child psychiatry model of evaluation. Use of the model is illustrated by a 4-year survey of 374 selected(More)
Evaluation of research in primary prevention is often complicated. Various objections and difficulties are discussed: imprecision or lack of practical definition of the child abuse syndrome, definition of primary prevention, lack of epidemiological data, and the existence of ethical problems. Obstetrical models of evaluation are proposed: evaluation of(More)
This article is based on observations and thoughts during intensive psychotherapeutic work with 997 sexually abused children and their parents after they had been reported to the Confidential Doctor Center Kind in Nood of the VUB (between 1986 and 1994). Without denying the existence of sexual abuse of children, it is important not to exaggerate this(More)
Among the 145 patients at risk of child abuse and neglect who were seen in 1980 in our institution in the prevention of child abuse and neglect prenatal clinic, 19 were sterilized after giving birth. The criteria applied to these 19 patients were compared to the common criteria applied to our general maternity population. We were able to prove that these(More)
A case of systemic lupus erythematosus with reversible psychosis and hyperventilation related to hypo-natraemia secondary to a syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) is presented. The SIADH was treated successfully by oral urea for more than 8 months. Introduction Psychiatric manifestations are frequent in systemic lupus(More)