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The European Union as a Totalitarian Nightmare: Dystopian Visions in the Discourse of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Abstract Based on an analysis of UKIP’s discourse on the EU, particularly that of leader Nigel Farage, this paper argues that the party depicts the EU in dystopian terms; in particular it compares itExpand
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Privileged Partnership, Open Ended Accession Negotiations and the Securitisation of Turkey's EU Accession Process
This paper argues that Turkey's accession to the EU has been securitised by the French and German right, according to the Copenhagen School's constructivist explanation of securitisation as a ‘speechExpand
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The Application of Neofunctionalism to the Enlargement Process: The Case of Turkey
This article examines Turkey's EU accession process from a neofunctionalist viewpoint in an attempt to understand why it has proceeded so far despite considerable opposition from some of the MemberExpand
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The Return of the Reich? A Gothic Tale of Germany and the Eurozone Crisis
In the context of the current Eurozone crisis, this paper argues that the economic crisis has provoked a crisis of identity in the EU. This paper examines popular discourse on Germany and AngelaExpand
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Creating Sustainable Futures for Queenslanders with Intellectual Disability
Our current research is investigating, which types of neighbourhood best support independent living for adults with intellectual disability. These adults have the very real prospect of outlivingExpand
Orientalising the Occident? Portrayals of the Welsh in ‘The Indian Doctor’
Abstract This paper seeks to analyse the portrayal of the Welsh characters in the popular 2010 BBC television comedy drama The Indian Doctor
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British Political Discourse on the EU in the Context of the Eurozone Crisis
It has frequently been noted that the eurozone crisis has also been a crisis of European identity,1 and has provoked a general increase in Euroscepticism in public opinion across the EU (SerricchioExpand