Catherine M Mollica

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A growing body of literature has examined the cognitive effects of immediate-release methylphenidate in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, a clear understanding of the types and magnitude of such effects are difficult to discern from such a large and varied collection of published reports. This review evaluated a total(More)
There is limited understanding of the problems associated with repeated neuropsychological assessment in children, including the statistics used to guide decisions about cognitive change. This study investigated the utility of a computerized assessment battery that was specifically designed for the repeated assessment of cognitive function in children.(More)
The use of cognitive tests as measures of treatment response in individual children with ADHD has not been adequately evaluated or commonly applied by clinicians. This is most likely due to a lack of suitable assessment tasks as well as clinicians' limited awareness of the appropriate statistical techniques for analysing cognitive change in individuals.(More)
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